Entertainment Shows

Folk Dance Tanoura
The egyptian tanoura dance has the ability to mesmerise all age groups, while encorparting enormous speed and grace, the perfomer is able to provide a breath - taking experience for all viewers. Being one of the major highlights of the dinner cruise, it is performed upon the commencement of the dinner.
Magic Show
We have our very own wizard bringing to you the trickery from all around the world. From turning a burnt paper to a bird and juggling and vanishing various objects, this magician can do it all. You're bound to be left enchanted by the end of this performace, magically.
Homos Performance
A large dancing puppet comes to interact, play and humor with the audience. Many have wondered what lies the secret beneath this large and live homos, this short and hearty performance brings out the spark in each and everyone of the guests.
The Horse
At Sultan Sea Cruise, we have our very own walking horse, it is not just an ordinary horse for your younger ones to play with, but much more than that. Regarded as one of the fiestiest performaces aboard, the horse may have your table thumping.